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Some thing new in the Studio this week!

I am working with alcohol inks on tile and Yupo.  the tiles will be mounted on lined and hinged boxes.  

The 4x4 tiles mounted are currently being offered for $35.  

Digital Prints

What are digital prints?  Well as you look through my offerings, you will see how technology and art blend so well together.  All the colors are produced by magic on a monitor screen, the lines and the shading, the exposures and the vibrancy, the hues and the contrasts  are all created with an iPad and a stylus and a hand.  Some folks don't believe this is really "art'.  

You be the judge.  

Art is what you and millions of other folks say it is - from a stylized Michelangelo to a whimsical graffiti of Banksey - it is art - it is all art.  

If while you are strolling through the paintings, you have a question, or you see something you like but would like more information about it, contact me.  I will look forward to hearing from you.